The Ming Vases in Episode 8

Episode 8 features a piece of custom content in the shape of some beautiful Ming Vases and porcelain . You will spot these primarily in the scene with Texas & Brystle in the drawing room of Siloli mansion and also throughout the house.04-18-19_5-58-02 PM04-18-19_5-59-46 PM04-18-19_6-03-34 PM05-05-19_5-28-42 PM05-10-19_4-01-24 PM

These were courtesy of fellow Simmer  TonyWGus  and you can download these directly from his page here

The game does not always provide  the content and objects I require and I’m turning more and more to CC and it’s thanks to users like Tony that I am able to add these touches to my game.



Episode 8: The Dinner Party



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It had been over a week since Texas had shocked the Simmington household with her announcement that she still owned the title deed to a cottage within the grounds of the mansion and that she would be moving in. True to her word Texas moved in that very day. It had not been the best of starts to Brystle and Burke’s marriage having an ex-wife camped outside their home and Brystle was deeply troubled by it. So far they had not seen much of Texas since but just because she was out of sight did not mean she was out of mind, at least not for Brystle.

On this morning she found herself unable to sleep, troubled by the presence of Texas. What was she planning on doing? Brystle did not know but inwardly she was frightened of what Texas would do. Feeling restless, Brystle got out of bed. Burke was still sleeping soundly and she tried not to wake him. She walked quietly over to a bedroom window and gazed out across the grounds towards the cottage where Texas was now living.

04-14-19_5-14-39 PM04-14-19_5-14-54 PM

Brystle remained there for sometime as she contemplated the meaning of Texas being here. All she could think was that Texas meant trouble and she could not shake the feeling. 

Not long later Burke awoke from his slumber. He walked over to the window and hugged his wife. 04-14-19_5-16-48 PM04-14-19_5-17-53 PM04-14-19_5-17-04 PM04-14-19_5-17-36 PM

It pained Burke to see his wife so upset. He never wanted Brystle to be worried by anything and so he answered her in the only way he could.04-14-19_5-22-20 PM

Burke reached out and gently caressed his wife’s soft cheek. 04-14-19_5-20-50 PM

Burke kissed his wife on the forehead and then went off to shower. Once alone in their bedroom Brystle turned and looked out of the window. 04-14-19_5-23-53 PM

Brystle felt that Burke was being over simplistic about the whole thing. Removing Texas was going to be harder than he implied. The thoughts of a mega shopping spree was not enough to convince Brystle of the trouble yet to come. 04-14-19_5-15-44 PM

04-11-19_7-53-30 PM

Texas had been settled in the cottage for the past week. Quite quickly she had turned the disused building around giving it a lick of paint and dusting down the furnishings that had been left in the building. She had also spoken with some of the house and grounds keeping staff of Siloli mansion to help her maintain the property but not to inform Burke of this. The staff,, fearing to be caught in the crossfire, had unwillingly obliged.

On this beautiful morning Texas had risen early, as she tended to do most mornings. She felt decidedly creative and commenced painting at her easel. Painting was always a favourite pastime of hers and she had a level 10 painting skill. This cottage, her studio as she called it, was the place where she had been at her most happiest during the lonely days of her marriage to Burke. 04-14-19_5-37-25 PM04-14-19_5-37-45 PM

Whilst she was busy inside creating her latest masterpiece, outside she had a visitor arrive. It was her son Heathen. 04-14-19_5-34-47 PM

Heathen had not spoken with his mother since she had gate-crashed the wedding over 4 weeks ago. She had disappeared again for 3 of those weeks but when she had shown back up at the mansion last week and moved into the cottage he hadn’t visited her as he still needed sometime to think. However he was now at a place where he felt he needed to speak with his mother again. And so he made his way to the front door. 04-14-19_5-35-14 PM

Texas was thrilled to see her son when she opened the door. She immediately flung her arms around him and held him close. 04-14-19_5-40-07 PM

Texas understood. It had been a shock for her children to see their mother again after so many years. She nodded to say that is was o.k. and the 2 of them sat together on the sofa. 04-14-19_5-40-49 PM04-14-19_5-41-14 PM04-14-19_5-41-29 PM04-14-19_5-41-41 PM

04-14-19_5-47-54 PM

Heathen was touched by how sincere his mother was being but yet there was something he wanted to get off his chest. 

04-14-19_5-45-04 PM (2)04-14-19_5-42-15 PM (1)04-14-19_5-44-12 PM

Heathen’s words stung like a bee. Mainly because what Burke had told the children and also due to the fact it was the truth. Texas remained honest and confessed all. 04-14-19_5-45-35 PM (1)

Heathen didn’t judge his mother as he found her story all too relatable. It was similar to his own experiences with Burke. 04-14-19_5-43-07 PM04-14-19_5-42-31 PM04-14-19_5-43-17 PM04-14-19_5-43-40 PM

Mother and son were at last reconciled. 04-14-19_5-48-42 PM04-14-19_5-49-02 PM

With Heathen having forgiven her Texas felt that her return had been justified. Burke had taken everything away from her before but now she felt that piece by piece she was getting everything back. Reconciling with her daughter Fathom was going to be somewhat more difficult…

01-08-19_10-08-38 PM (1)

Later that day Burke was in his office having a meeting with his attorney Andre Wayward. There was several issues on the agenda that Burke wanted addressing. 04-18-19_4-02-38 PM04-18-19_4-03-06 PM

04-18-19_4-03-27 PM04-18-19_4-04-29 PM

Burke was unsettled by the news that Fred Rimmard appeared to be nothing but a fraudster. However the thought of revealing this to Heathen without definitive proof meant the risk of alienating his son once again. Burke thought better of it. 04-18-19_4-07-29 PM

Andre was glad to hear this. Burke had a tempestuous streak and was known to make rash decisions based on his emotions. 04-18-19_4-03-12 PM

Burke nodded for he knew that if there was one sim who could find out information on anyone else it was Andre Wayward. Which now brought Burke to the final point on his agenda…04-18-19_4-04-56 PM

Andre had been expecting this and he knew it was a thorny issue for Burke. The fact was there was very little Andre could do about it. Convincing his boss was another thing. 04-18-19_4-09-50 PM04-18-19_4-07-02 PM

This didn’t sound good. Andre had been in these dangerous waters with Burke before. If he didn’t get what he wanted, Burke was known to take any action he had to and Andre hated being part of it. 04-18-19_4-09-24 PM

Burke thumped his fist against his desk in anger. He was not prepared to accept this at all.04-18-19_4-09-31 PM

Andre sighed. What could he do but carry out Burke’s instructions. He slowly nodded accepting his fate. 04-18-19_4-07-07 PM

Andre’s acceptance of this seemed to placate and he settled back in his executive chair. Just then his intercom buzzed and it  was Marsha his secretary advising him his next appointment of the day was here. Burke instructed her to send him in. 04-18-19_4-11-35 PM

Mayhew Drysdale took a seat in front of Burke. He hadn’t been expecting a meeting with the boss today and was surprised when he got the memo to come straight up. He had no idea what Burke wanted to see him for or why he had been summoned to come straight up to the boss’s office. 

04-18-19_4-12-05 PM04-18-19_4-14-02 PM04-18-19_4-13-39 PM

The mood in the office was very jovial. So why did Mayhew get the feeling there was something else going on behind Burke’s smile?04-18-19_4-12-26 PM04-18-19_4-12-17 PM04-18-19_4-13-12 PM04-18-19_4-13-46 PM

Mayhew shifted slightly in his seat. There was something in the way Burke looked at him when he mentioned Brystle’s name. Surely he couldn’t know of the affair he and Brystle had once had…? Mayhew gave a terse response. 04-18-19_4-14-47 PM

Burke and Mayhew stared at one another and it was a fraction too long for Mayhew’s liking. Eventually Burke responded. 04-18-19_4-13-50 PM

Mayhew, like Andre, felt he had no option but to go along with Burke’s proposal. 04-18-19_4-12-43 PM

Burke thanked for Mayhew for coming and the 2 men shook hands before Mayhew left the office. Once outside Mayhew took a moment to think in the reception area.04-18-19_4-16-08 PM

In the office Andre was wrapping up the meeting with Burke too. There was however one thing on his mind, something he had yet to approach Burke about. And seeing what had just occurred in the office between Mayhew and Burke, Andre felt the need to raise the issue. 04-18-19_4-14-51 PM

Burke slowly turned his gaze from where Mayhew had been sitting a moment ago to Andre. His dead eye response told Andre he had just crossed a line. 04-18-19_4-14-41 PM

Andre nodded to say he understood before picking up his briefcase and leaving the office. 

Burke slowly swivelled in his chair, his gaze turning back to where Mayhew had been sitting. He sat in that position for quite a few minutes in quiet contemplation. 04-18-19_4-19-03 PM

11-18-16_12-49-39 PM (1)

A busy morning in the kitchen of Siloli mansion saw head cook Mrs Bummerson preparing afternoon tea for a gathering of members from Brystle’s chosen charity – The Foundation for Underachieving Children, Kids Or Famished Families. As usual for Mrs Bummerson, everything was too much trouble and she was reminding maid Nannette Bobbins of this much to the chagrin of Nannette. 04-18-19_4-29-34 PM04-18-19_4-32-54 PM

Nannette had learned to turn a deaf ear to Mrs Bummerson’s whinging and just let the woman carry on. And she did unaware that a certain person had stepped into the kitchen from the servant’s entrance. 04-18-19_4-30-21 PM04-18-19_4-30-37 PM

Mrs Bummerson dropped her wooden spoon upon hearing Texas’s voice. After backstabbing the woman she then fell over herself to appear nice to her former employer. 04-18-19_4-35-02 PM

Texas smiled for she knew how two faced the head cook could be. However she knew how to play her to get what she wanted.04-18-19_4-38-16 PM04-18-19_4-35-58 PM04-18-19_4-37-36 PM04-18-19_4-40-31 PM

Texas eyed the maid in front of her. She was not someone she recognised from her time in the mansion and her sources told her she was a recent addition to the staff hired by, and very loyal to, Brystle. Texas realised this woman wasn’t as gullible as Mrs Bummerson and would be harder to break so there was only way to crack her and that was by fear. 04-18-19_4-39-56 PM04-18-19_4-39-27 PM04-18-19_4-37-10 PM

The conversation was interrupted by the entrance of Joseph Flanders, the major-domo of Siloli mansion. He had been in the adjoining butler’s pantry and had overheard the whole conversation including Texas’s demands. He decided enough was enough and was not afraid of standing up to the woman. Much to the relief of Nannette. 

04-18-19_4-41-44 PM

Texas rolled her eyes and slowly turned to look at Joseph. 04-18-19_4-42-24 PM04-18-19_4-42-39 PM

Texas smiled. Whilst she could not stand insubordination from the help she enjoyed the verbal swordplay with the waspish major-domo. 04-18-19_4-53-13 PM04-18-19_4-51-35 PM04-18-19_4-52-16 PM

Everyone turned to look as Brystle now stood in the doorway. Both Mrs Bummerson and Nannette quickly went about their duties keeping their head’s down and themselves out of the way. Joseph smirked and took a step back as Brystle approached Texas in the kitchen. 04-18-19_4-55-26 PM04-18-19_4-55-33 PM

Brystle led Texas out of the kitchen , through the dining room and into the drawing room. Not a word was spoken until they arrived in the room. 04-18-19_5-32-27 PM04-18-19_5-34-51 PM

Once in the room Texas tried to take control of the conversation. 04-18-19_5-55-40 PM04-18-19_5-59-08 PM (1)

Texas looked around the room and smiled as she recalled many happy memories she once had of living in the house. 04-18-19_5-58-02 PM04-18-19_5-55-48 PM

There was a building tension in the air and Texas felt uncomfortable. She didn’t know enough about Brystle yet to determine what was going to come next. Brystle remained very calm as she surveyed the first Mrs Simmington. Like Texas she did not know enough about who she was dealing but all she knew was how she felt and those feelings about Texas were not good. 

Texas reluctantly took a seat but Brystle remained standing.04-18-19_5-36-57 PM04-18-19_5-39-33 PM04-18-19_5-37-17 PM

At the mention of invaded Texas feigned shock.

04-18-19_5-39-59 PM

Brystle carried on regardless.

04-18-19_5-39-39 PM04-18-19_5-37-03 PM04-18-19_5-39-45 PM

The two women continued to watch one another both awaiting the other to make the next move. It was Texas who spoke next. 04-18-19_5-39-10 PM04-18-19_5-37-17 PM (1)

Texas leapt out of her seat and marched across the room. Her anger was beginning to rise but Brystle still remained calm and collected. This irked Texas all the more. 04-18-19_5-59-46 PM

Brystle moved closer to Texas. She would defend her husband to the end.04-18-19_6-02-57 PM

That was the final straw for Texas. She had just about all she could stomach of the sickly sweet Brystle. 04-18-19_6-05-33 PM

But still Brystle did not rise to meet Texas on her anger. Inwardly she was shaking but she would not let Texas see that. Instead she quite forcefully ordered her out. 04-18-19_6-03-34 PM04-18-19_6-04-00 PM

Brystle walked calmly out of the drawing room leaving a seething Texas behind. 04-18-19_6-04-52 PM

Battle lines had been drawn between the two women. The question was who would make the next move?

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

Early that evening Mayhew was at home and having a talk with his mother at the dining table. His wife Malaudia was putting their daughter Mimsy to bed and Mayhew was glad to see that his wife was bonding with her daughter at last. Ever since Malaudia had been released from the simitarium she had been on constant edge believing she no longer fitted in the Drysdale family. Some of this was down to living in unfamiliar surroundings as the house had been bought in her absence and the decorating had all been done by his mother. To help Malaudia settle back in Mayhew had agreed for the house to be redecorated once again only this time it was to be Malaudia’s choice of décor and furnishings. So in the past week she had transformed the home and ditched all of Mother Drysdale’s furnishings. 

Also she had began working part time at a book store in town and this was building Malaudia’s confidence. Mayhew was relieved to see his wife regain stability with her mental state. However there had been one other request from her that he had been putting off until now. And that was to ask his mother to move out…04-15-19_9-25-23 PM04-15-19_9-24-02 PM04-15-19_9-25-29 PM04-15-19_9-25-44 PM

Mayhew could see that his mother was not going to take this well. He tried to soften the blow. 04-15-19_9-26-16 PM04-15-19_9-26-55 PM_jpg_klv2h1n_partial04-15-19_9-26-30 PM

Mother Drysdale was a conniving old woman. She was wily as a fox and she spotted that Mayhew was trying reverse simchology on her trying to make her feel guilty by staying. She knew then to change tact and rather than anger she turned on the waterworks. 04-15-19_9-28-59 PM

04-15-19_9-30-32 PM04-15-19_9-29-55 PM

04-15-19_9-30-00 PM

Mayhew got the distinct impression his mother was laying it on too thick. He knew his mother to be as tough as old boots. She was faking it. 04-15-19_9-30-18 PM04-15-19_9-28-38 PM

Mayhew didn’t like to hear his mother using Mimsy as a blackmail tool. He took a sip of coffee as he replied quite firmly to his mother.04-15-19_9-27-19 PM04-15-19_9-27-08 PMMother Drysdale pushed the chair back and got up from the table and made her way to her room. But not without having a wicked thought along the way..04-15-19_9-35-58 PM

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM

After a long day at the office Burke had arrived home from work. He passed his briefcase and coat over to a butler who opened the door of the mansion upon his arrival and made his way inside where he met a beaming Brystle. 05-05-19_5-14-21 PM05-05-19_5-14-43 PM05-05-19_5-15-05 PM05-05-19_5-17-26 PM05-05-19_5-18-52 PM

Brystle froze at the mention of Mayhew’s name. 05-05-19_5-16-10 PM05-05-19_5-20-10 PM05-05-19_5-19-05 PM

Burke gave his wife a peck on the cheek and made his way to the study. Brystle stood still as she contemplated what was about to happen.05-05-19_5-21-58 PM

In his study Burke sat at his desk and made the phonecall he’d told Brystle about. It was to Seth Dolby who was at his apartment working out. 05-05-19_5-23-55 PM05-05-19_6-24-28 PM05-05-19_5-24-01 PM05-05-19_6-25-38 PM05-05-19_5-23-28 PM05-05-19_6-23-41 PM05-05-19_5-24-23 PM

Seth was silent as he thought on what Burke had just said to him. After a moment he responded.05-05-19_6-25-14 PM05-05-19_5-23-04 PM05-05-19_6-24-59 PM05-05-19_5-23-48 PM

Seth slipped his boxing gloves back on after the phonecall ended and continued with his workout on the punchbag.05-05-19_6-22-28 PM05-05-19_6-26-54 PM

Burke was just hanging up when Fathom walked into the study. He suspected she had been listening in on his conversation as she was prone to doing. He didn’t mind this time for he already had something on his mind that he needed to bring to her attention. 05-05-19_5-28-42 PM05-05-19_5-29-21 PM05-05-19_5-29-47 PM

Burke decided to let his daughter know that he was well aware of what she had been getting up to recently. 05-05-19_5-30-48 PM05-05-19_5-32-55 PM05-05-19_5-31-25 PM05-05-19_5-32-14 PM05-05-19_5-31-49 PM05-05-19_5-31-19 PM05-05-19_5-32-22 PM

Fathom marched out of her father’s study in a furious rage. How dare he speak to her like this!05-05-19_5-34-09 PM

05-05-19_11-13-44 PM

Malaudia was tucking in her daughter Mimsy for the third time that evening. It was something that was becoming a habit for her. Mimsy still hadn’t entirely warmed to her mother being back at home but Malaudia understood it would take time. It was when her daughter was fast asleep, and not giving her a load of back chat and sass, that Malaudia felt she could really connect with her child. 04-15-19_9-38-51 PM04-15-19_9-39-30 PM

Malaudia gently closed the bedroom door on her way out and went back to her bedroom. Not before glancing down the hallway at Mother Drysdale’s room. The light was showing under the crack and for a second Malaudia felt she should knock on her mother-in-law’s door. Mayhew had told her that he’d asked his mother to move out and she hadn’t taken it well. This was understandable Malaudia reasoned but it was for the best for she had always felt that Mayhew’s mother had never liked her….

Malaudia decided against calling and went back into her room where Mayhew was fast asleep in bed. She smiled as she looked at her slumbering husband for she loved him dearly and she felt that he still loved her even if the woohoo between them was non existent.04-15-19_9-40-36 PM

Malaudia sat on the edge of the bed and listened as her husband rambled in his sleep as he was prone to do.04-15-19_9-42-20 PM

She listened intently as Mayhew muttered on. A lot of what he was saying was indecipherable but there were sporadic words and phrases she could make out. It was the mention of someone’s name that made Malaudia sharply turn around.04-15-19_9-43-06 PM

This couldn’t be! Why was Mayhew having a romantic dream about Brystle Simmington, wife of his boss Burke Simmington? Was it just a dream or was it something else? Malaudia was unnerved for she believed that dreamers never lied….04-15-19_9-43-48 PM

Mayhew’s somnambular witterings continued on for  a moment longer until he loudly snorted and turned over. Malaudia sat beside him in bed her mind racing in overdrive. Would this explain why he had stopped making woohoo with her? Did he love another woman? The same woman they were having dinner with tomorrow night???

12-16-18_2-29-56 PM

It was past midnight and all was quiet at the Simmington household. Everyone was asleep and most of the staff had gone home for the day with the exception of the security guards who patrolled the grounds and the butler and maid on night duty. Even live in major-domo Joseph Flanders had retired for the night but he was far from asleep. He was in his quarters of the mansion and was excitedly opening a package that had arrived for him earlier in the day. It was from SimsBay the online marketplace. Joseph frequently made purchases from this site, mainly collectible movies and merchandise. Particularly those of arthouse movies or bad movies with cult followings. It was his secret passion and one that he kept to himself for some of the movies he purchased were of a…..steamy nature. Like the 2 video cassettes he had just purchased and was salivating over as he opened the package. 05-06-19_3-21-37 PM05-06-19_3-15-38 PM05-06-19_3-51-27 PM05-06-19_3-34-20 PM

With trembling hands Joseph inserted the first video cassette. After a few moments of grainy footage the “movie” started and Joseph couldn’t believe what he was watching. It was Texas Simmington in a woohoo movie!!!05-06-19_3-25-54 PM05-06-19_3-24-41 PM

And it dawned on Joseph  – Texas had made these movies during her exile from the mansion. No doubt she would do anything to keep this a secret and Joseph felt triumphant. 05-06-19_3-29-34 PM

Joseph switched the movie off, and sat back in his chair. With this knowledge he was one step ahead of Texas and it may be enough to force her to leave. This would please Mr Simmington very much thought Joseph. But his motives weren’t altogether altruistic for he knew that Texas had information on him that she could use to her advantage…

The following evening…..05-06-19_5-58-45 PM

It was the evening of the dinner party at Siloli mansion and Brystle was on tenterhooks. All day long she had been dreading this evening and Mayhew’s arrival and now he was here! It was the first time since before her wedding that she had seen her former secret lover. The night before she married Burke she had had a telephone conversation with Mayhew which was a bittersweet goodbye to the man she was once in love with and would continue to feel dearly for. But here he now stood in the foyer of her home with his wife and Burke. Brystle had never met Malaudia before but she was well aware of her troubles with erratic behaviour and her prolonged stays in a simitarium. Brystle felt a great sense of guilt and shame for the affair with Mayhew and this evening would be very difficult for her to look Malaudia in the eye. Nevertheless she took a deep breath and walked down the stairway to join her husband in greeting their dinner guests. 05-10-19_3-11-15 PM05-10-19_3-12-46 PM05-10-19_3-09-16 PM05-10-19_3-09-26 PM

The two former lovers looked at one another for a fraction of a second too long before Burke spoke next. The slightly lingering look did not go unmissed by Malaudia. 05-10-19_3-10-25 PM05-10-19_3-10-48 PM05-10-19_3-12-12 PM05-10-19_3-15-16 PM

Brystle was smiling but inside she was squirming, this was all too uncomfortable. Again Burke spoke next.05-10-19_3-12-58 PM

As they moved forward to the drawing room for pre dinner drinks Brystle tried to make conversation with Malaudia. 05-10-19_3-11-06 PM

Malaudia’s terse reply didn’t give Brystle the impression she was keen to engage into any conversation with her. Did Malaudia know something? Did she have her suspicions? Brystle didn’t know for sure. What she did know was that this evening was going to be very trying for her..


Seth Dolby was the next guest to arrive and with Heathen, Fred and Fathom present the dinner party commenced. Conversation around the dining table was flowing amongst everyone. Mrs Bummerson had prepared an exquisite banquet and Joseph, in his role as major-domo oversaw, his fleet of butlers serve this meal to the guests. As the meal finished conversations amongst everyone continued. 05-06-19_6-22-43 PM

Fathom didn’t appreciate being seated opposite Seth as this implied she was part of a couple with him and this was something she would fight hard against ever happening despite what her father wanted. Seth however gazed doe-eyed across the table at his former flame and the woman he still loved and adored.05-06-19_6-35-58 PM05-06-19_6-36-14 PMSeth chuckled at Fathom’s sarcasm. He knew there was no real malice behind her words but he could see that she was clearly bored of him. Still he was confident that he would one day soon win her round.

Burke sat at the  head of the table as usual. He had seated Mayhew and Malaudia next to Brystle at the opposite end to him. He sipped his glass of after dinner nectar as he watched his wife engage in conversation with Mayhew. He observed how his wife smiled as Mayhew spoke with her and how her blue eyes sparkled. Meanwhile poor Malaudia looked uncomfortable and neglected. Burke considered everything he was witnessing and his thoughts were cemented on what he would proceed with next. Having decided this he turned his attentions to Heathen and Fred who were seated next to him. 05-06-19_6-34-43 PM05-06-19_6-33-10 PM05-06-19_6-36-22 PM05-06-19_6-32-12 PM05-06-19_6-23-43 PM05-06-19_6-25-25 PM

Burke gave a half hearted smile in response. Where was Andre with the information he wanted on Fred’s background when he needed him? He made his excuses and got up from the table and went over to his cocktail cabinet and poured himself a drink.

Heathen leaned across the table and smile at Fred for he was so proud of his lover standing up to his father. 05-06-19_6-28-25 PM

Heathen smiled again as he dreamily looked into Fred’s eyes and thought to himself how happy he was having him in his life. 05-06-19_6-28-14 PM

Involved with their own conversation at the other end of the table was Brystle and Mayhew. 05-06-19_6-30-45 PM05-06-19_6-41-39 PM05-06-19_6-41-51 PM05-06-19_6-37-46 PM

Whilst on the surface it appeared both women were comfortable with this inwardly both were very uncomfortable with the whole idea…05-06-19_6-37-02 PM05-06-19_6-29-15 PM

Mayhew was oblivious to any of this for he only had longing eyes for Brystle. And his gaze did not go unnoticed by Fathom who was sat across the table secretly watching what was going on whilst Seth chatted to her. Fathom had of course listened in on a private conversation between Brystle and Mayhew the night before the wedding but had kept this knowledge to herself…for now…05-06-19_6-23-59 PM

As the conversations continued Burke asked Mayhew to join him at the drinks cabinet. Mayhew joined him. He had somehow been expecting a conversation like this with Burke but he had no idea what it was about to entail.05-06-19_6-48-47 PM05-06-19_6-47-56 PM05-06-19_6-48-06 PM05-06-19_6-50-13 PM05-06-19_6-46-24 PM05-06-19_6-46-44 PM05-06-19_6-48-18 PM05-06-19_6-49-54 PM05-06-19_6-49-19 PM

Burke smirked and walked away with his drink in his hand. Mayhew had no choice really, he would have to go. For Burke had his reasons for sending the handsome young man half way around the world for an extended period. But he was keeping that to himself. 

04-11-19_6-53-43 PM

Texas was alone in her cottage. She was aware of the dinner party Burke was throwing and if truth be told she wanted to gatecrash it but how many spectacular entrances could one woman make? So instead she stayed home, slipped into her silk robe and poured herself a drink. Many thoughts were running through her mind and she needed time alone to think.

As she contemplated on what her next moves would be she heard her door open and gently close. Before she could turn around to see who had entered her domain she caught a whiff of a familiar cologne. 04-16-19_9-05-35 PM04-16-19_9-07-55 PM04-16-19_9-08-46 PM04-16-19_9-09-34 PM04-16-19_9-11-27 PM04-16-19_9-12-36 PM

Texas sashayed over to the couch and sat down. Cyril caught a glimpse of her silky smooth leg through her robe and his pulse raced. He quickly moved to sit beside his former lover.04-16-19_9-15-02 PM04-16-19_9-15-33 PM04-16-19_9-17-12 PM (1)04-16-19_9-17-21 PM04-16-19_9-17-02 PM04-16-19_9-26-58 PM04-16-19_9-20-15 PM04-16-19_9-16-26 PM04-16-19_9-30-02 PM04-16-19_9-29-47 PM

Cyril could see that he had given Texas food for thought. He also knew she was a woman who was very strong willed and would not be pushed around. She would need time to consider the options and give her answer in her own time. He stood as he made preparations to leave.04-16-19_9-31-18 PM04-16-19_9-30-47 PM

Texas saw her former lover out. On the doorstep they faced one another. Thoughts of revenge were momentarily put aside for now they were caught up in nostalgia. Texas spoke first.04-16-19_9-46-02 PM04-16-19_9-46-12 PM04-16-19_9-48-11 PM04-16-19_9-49-49 PM

12-16-18_2-29-56 PM

Malaudia was wandering around the corridors of the mansion. She’d gone to the powder room by the entrance but had gotten lost in trying to find her way back to the dining room. There were so many doors! She opened the first set of double doors she came across and walked into Burke’s study. She realised her mistake right away and to make matter’s worse Heathen was sat in the study. He smiled as she stood in the doorway unsure what to do. He beckoned for her to join him. 05-10-19_3-20-09 PM05-10-19_3-21-10 PM05-10-19_3-22-49 PM05-10-19_3-21-19 PM05-10-19_3-23-16 PM05-10-19_3-22-58 PM05-10-19_3-23-57 PM05-10-19_3-24-07 PM

Heathen stood now full of confidence. He’d only just met Malaudia for the first time this evening but he was already feeling a strong connection to her. 05-10-19_3-28-07 PM05-10-19_3-29-21 PM

As he strutted out of the room ready to ask the most important question of his life Malaudia smiled at the thought she had helped someone make such an important decision. If only she could sort her own life so simply. Once alone in the study she reflected on what had just happened. 05-10-19_3-25-01 PM


Later out on the veranda Brystle had stepped out for some fresh air. The dinner party was half way through but it felt like it had gone on far too long. Or maybe it was just being in the same room as Mayhew and Burke which was making her feel so uneasy. And as she pondered on this as she gazed up into the night sky Mayhew quietly stepped out of the French doors. and joined her. 05-10-19_3-32-10 PM

Brystle quickly hurried back inside but Mayhew followed her. 05-10-19_3-36-07 PM05-10-19_3-36-40 PM05-10-19_3-37-01 PM05-10-19_3-36-55 PM05-10-19_3-38-03 PM05-10-19_3-38-12 PM05-10-19_3-37-19 PM05-10-19_3-38-18 PM

Brystle rushed out of the room. She didn’t want to hear any of this. How could Mayhew come into her home and say these things? And was it true, did Burke know the truth?


Later  in the dining room only Fathom and Fred remained, the rest of the dinner party indulging in post dinner drinks.

Fathom was protective of her younger brother and whilst not hostile towards Fred she did want to check that he was the right man for Heathen.05-10-19_3-41-38 PM (1)05-10-19_3-42-04 PM05-10-19_3-42-29 PM05-10-19_3-42-09 PM05-10-19_3-41-56 PM

Fathom considered this as she sipped her drink. She liked Fred and she wanted her brother to be happy, perhaps Fred was the man for him. 05-10-19_3-43-49 PM05-10-19_3-45-30 PM05-10-19_3-45-55 PM

This news confirmed Fred’s fear that Andre was onto him. Surely it would only be a matter of time before he discovered that Fred was not who he said he was and that the whole foundation of Heathen’s and his relationship was built on a lie. Perhaps it was time to leave before he was found out but then he ran the risk of facing the wrath of Cyril Dolby and he didn’t know what would be worse. As he started to feel jittery the door opened and Seth Dolby walked in. Fathom rolled her eyes. 05-10-19_3-47-27 PM05-10-19_3-49-48 PM

Fred hurriedly made his way out of the dining room. He had to speak with Heathen urgently.05-10-19_3-51-30 PM05-10-19_3-51-40 PM05-10-19_3-53-39 PM05-10-19_3-55-49 PM

Seth felt hurt by Fathom’s rejection. How could she do this to him?05-10-19_3-54-20 PM05-10-19_3-51-51 PM

Fathom left the room too. Seth was left alone with a hard choice to make. 05-10-19_3-56-26 PM


While Seth was pondering on what to do Fred had gone upstairs to look for Heathen. What Fathom had told him about Andre compiling a dossier on Fred had completely unnerved him. Fred had thought this would happen and had told Cyril so but his boss had left him no choice but to continue with his affair with Heathen. Panic was taking hold of Fred and he needed to tell Heathen the truth but could he bring himself to do it? To look him in the eye and tell him that their relationship had been built on deception? It would completely destroy Heathen and Fred wasn’t sure he could go through with it. But as he entered their bedroom and found Heathen pacing the room it looked as if he was already too late. Perhaps Heathen had found out. 05-05-19_6-06-23 PM (1)05-05-19_6-07-05 PM05-05-19_6-07-41 PM05-05-19_6-09-34 PM05-05-19_6-09-50 PM05-05-19_6-10-18 PM05-05-19_6-13-10 PM

Fred was completely taken aback by Heathen’s proposal. He hadn’t expected this at all and he was now totally conflicted. On the one hand he had been hired by the Simmington family’s arch enemy to infiltrate their inner circle and find out a much as he could. On the other hand he had totally fallen in love with Heathen along the way and he didn’t realise the extent of how he felt just until this moment. 05-05-19_6-10-46 PM05-05-19_6-11-49 PM

Fred looked down at his lover and in an instant he made his decision. 05-05-19_6-10-38 PM05-05-19_6-18-02 PM05-05-19_6-17-21 PM05-05-19_6-17-13 PM

With that the two lovers began to pack a few things and get changed as they planned to run off into the night and get married. While Heathen was excited Fred had other things on his mind. He was following his heart and ignoring what Cyril had hired him to do. Yes Cyril had ordered Fred to marry Heathen but he was now doing this out of love and not because he was a hustler for hire. The only question was what to do with Cyril….?


Downstairs Burke was in mid conversation with Seth. 05-10-19_4-09-00 PM05-10-19_4-09-17 PM05-10-19_4-09-22 PM05-10-19_4-13-03 PM05-10-19_4-13-47 PM

Before Seth could answer Fathom walked up the corridor behind them as she made her way upstairs. Seth looked at her and smiled before turning back to Burke. 05-10-19_4-14-36 PM05-10-19_4-15-19 PM

Fathom ignored what she had just heard. At the top of the stairs she looked down as Burke congratulated Seth, his latest protégé. Inwardly she groaned as she couldn’t believe her father had done this. 05-10-19_4-17-30 PM

Fathom made her way to her room and texted Michael on her way….


A short while later Brystle walked into the drawing room to find Malaudia drinking alone. All evening long there hadn’t been much conversation between the two of them and Brystle wanted to make the effort now while Burke was drinking with Mayhew and Seth in the study.05-10-19_4-01-24 PM 05-10-19_4-02-09 PM05-10-19_4-03-14 PM05-10-19_4-06-11 PM05-10-19_4-03-35 PM

Brystle froze as she didn’t know what to say. She’d had a feeling that Malaudia suspected the affair and now she had the confirmation. But having the GOOD trait meant it was impossible for Brystle to lie. 05-10-19_4-05-49 PM

Malaudia remained poker faced, it was hard for Brystle to read her right now. 05-10-19_4-04-25 PM05-10-19_4-06-21 PM05-10-19_4-07-13 PM05-10-19_4-07-19 PM05-10-19_4-07-26 PM

Malaudia made for the door but gave a biting remark as she left the room. 05-10-19_4-07-04 PM

Brystle was at a loss as what to do. Would Malaudia tell Burke or should she come clean herself and risk her marriage…..?


In the solarium Fathom was passing the time by lighting up her bong and blowing some bubbles. The bubble blowing machine was not illegal in Windenburg but it was frowned upon for its mind altering effects it had on Sims. Nevertheless it remained popular with students and young adults, as well as those with ongoing debilitating medical conditions, as the sense of euphoria it induced left Sims on a high for hours at a time. And as this night was getting increasingly irksome for Fathom she needed to lighten the mood a little. That was why she’d texted her woohoo buddy and Simmington chauffeur Michael Constrain to join her. He’d been all too willing to leave his room in the servants quarters and sneak his way in. 05-10-19_5-03-34 PM05-10-19_5-04-02 PM

Michael pulled up a chair alongside the bubble machine and grabbed a nozzle. 05-10-19_5-04-50 PM05-10-19_5-05-30 PM (1)05-10-19_5-06-14 PM05-10-19_5-06-20 PM05-10-19_5-06-37 PM

Fathom inhaled deeply and felt a rush like never before as she exhaled the bubbles. 05-10-19_5-06-52 PM05-10-19_5-08-40 PM05-10-19_5-11-27 PM05-10-19_5-11-10 PM05-10-19_5-12-02 PM05-10-19_5-10-10 PM

A naughty smile came over Fathom’s face as they both stood up. Her father’s dinner party was happening just down the corridor but she didn’t care. 05-10-19_5-15-18 PM05-10-19_5-08-17 PM

Michael followed Fathom out to the pool and they both stripped naked before cannonballing into the water. 05-10-19_4-35-10 PM05-10-19_4-36-44 PM05-10-19_4-39-26 PM

They both splashed around before smooching deeply underwater. When they emerged Michael made a declaration. 05-10-19_4-42-02 PM05-10-19_4-42-37 PM

Michael agreed. He was cool with that too. And if it guaranteed more regular woohoo with Fathom then he wasn’t for complaining. 


While Fathom and Michael were nosily splashing around and laughing in the pool Heathen and Fred were outside the front of the house packing an overnight case into Heathen’s car as they prepared to elope. Suddenly Heathen developed a last minute case of jitters. 05-10-19_4-32-02 PM05-10-19_4-32-12 PM05-10-19_4-32-31 PM05-10-19_4-33-13 PM05-10-19_4-33-22 PM

And with that they both got into Heathen’s sportscar and sped off into the night…


Inside Brystle was still in the drawing room since Malaudia had left her almost half an hour ago. She’d been afraid of what might have come next if Malaudia had gone straight to the study and revealed all to Burke but that hadn’t happened. In fact she could hear Burke laughing and joking with their guests so it was obvious nothing had been said….for now. Perhaps it would be best if she went straight to bed as her presence might aggravate Malaudia all the more. Anyway she did feel a headache coming on, probably due to all the stress she was feeling. But before she could go to bed , the door opened and Joseph hurried in.  It looked like he had something urgent to reveal.

05-10-19_5-00-55 PM05-10-19_5-01-02 PM05-10-19_5-01-09 PM

Brystle followed the major-domo out onto the lanai and sure enough there was a very naked Fathom cavorting in the pool with Michael. Brystle was not impressed. 

05-10-19_4-40-51 PM05-10-19_4-45-57 PM05-10-19_4-47-33 PM

A naked Fathom brazenly walked over to a lounger in front of Brystle and casually wrapped herself in a towel.05-10-19_4-48-56 PM05-10-19_4-51-13 PM05-10-19_4-52-17 PM05-10-19_4-51-31 PM

Fathom could see she had inflicted the damage she intended. Brystle didn’t know what to say. Fathom picked up her dress off the floor and walked into the house leaving her step mother alone by the pool. 05-10-19_4-53-34 PM

This evening had gone from bad to worse for Brystle and she could not see it getting any better. Burke was going to find out one way or another about her affair with Mayhew if not from Fathom then from Malaudia. And what of Mayhew’s warnings about the kind of man Burke really was. If he thought that Brystle had been keeping secrets from him then who knows what he would do. And when Fathom had repeated back the very words Brystle had said to Mayhew over the phone the night before the wedding it made her think….did she really still have feelings for Mayhew after all?

Alone and confused, Brystle stood by the swimming pool under the night sky and silently wept…..05-10-19_4-54-24 PM


The Limo in Episode 7

In Episode 7 The Honeymoon you will notice a few screenshots where Fathom is speaking with chauffeur Michael next to the limo parked outside the front door of Siloli mansion :

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM03-30-19_12-53-17 PM03-30-19_1-11-18 PM04-04-19_9-12-39 PM

The limo is not custom content (as I don’t tend to use it) but is an item that came with the Get Famous expansion pack. However it is not available in game in build mode nor through the debug option. So how was I able to get it? Well luckily for me someone had created a mod which unlocked all of the vehicles that came with this expansion. And all credit for this mod goes to the very talented Brazen Lotus. You can download and install this mod by following this link to Brazen Lotus’ page :

What billionaire Sims home is not complete without a limo or 2? I think this helps add to the story of the Simmingtons and I am so thankful there are wonderful Simmers out there like Brazen Lotus who not only create these amazing mods but allow everyone to use them. It’s got me thinking as to what other mods or custom content I could possible use….


The Honeymoon destinations

Featured in Episode 7 are 4 amazing builds from the Sims 4 gallery from the super talented Simoniona. She never fails to amaze me with her builds and I was honoured that she allowed me to feature her creations in my continuing story.
The first lot was Piccadilly Circus. Having been there myself multiple times I felt she really captured the look and feel of the place and also to have the underground was a great idea. Too bad the Sims game itself won’t allow traffic moving around any build as this would look totally amazing with double decker buses passing by and a few black cabs. Imagine it too with working trains. Ah we can but dream. In any event here are a few screenshots of the lot (which I renamed Piccasilly Circus as I use nonsense names for all the characters and places in Simasty) :03-17-19_3-40-50 PM03-17-19_3-41-15 PM
You can download this lot here:

Next up on Burke & Brystle’s world tour was Paris and a stop at the Louvre Museum (or the Musim Du Lovre) I LOVED the detail on this build and having been there also in real life I thought it was a pretty impressive representation. 03-17-19_3-04-03 PM
You can download this work of art here :

After Paris the next stop was Rome and the Trevi Fountain (Trevi Fountsim anyone…) Once again I have visited this location in real life too!! Although it was rather more crowded than what it was for Brystle and Burke! But again Simoniona’s attention to detail is just superb. 03-17-19_2-49-08 PM
Follow this link to download this beauty :

Finally, the last lot was the magnificent Taj Mahal (Taj Simhal) Now this is one place I haven’t visited before in real life! But I have always loved the look of the palace and again Simoniona has done a fantastic job recreating this.03-17-19_2-33-40 PM
The link to download this lot is here:

Please do check out the Gallery for all of Simoniona’s builds or if you have Twitter she is on there too.
Once again a huge thank you to Simoniona and I hope to feature more of your lots in the future!


Episode 7 The Honeymoon



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Burke and Brystle were nearing the end of their honeymoon. Over the past few weeks they had visited many countries taking in all the famous sites. They had been happy alone together. For Brystle it was a relief to see Burke enjoy himself without the worry of what may be happening back in Windenburg. As they both boarded the Simmington private jet that would take them back home they were taking back a lifetime of wonderful memories of some of the most beautiful sites they had visited:

First was swinging London where they caught the tube


03-17-19_3-41-15 PM03-17-19_3-31-40 PM03-17-19_3-33-45 PM03-17-19_3-34-10 PM03-17-19_3-35-35 PM

Then it was over to Paris where they got flirty in the Louvre

03-17-19_3-19-51 PM03-17-19_3-21-18 PM03-17-19_3-15-15 PM03-17-19_3-04-03 PM

Then on to beautiful Rome to visit the Trevi Fountsim

03-17-19_2-41-45 PM03-17-19_2-53-06 PM03-17-19_2-49-08 PM

And the final stop was magnificent India

03-17-19_4-00-29 PM03-17-19_2-33-40 PM03-17-19_2-17-43 PM03-17-19_2-22-05 PM

As their plane took off on the long journey back to Windenburg the newlyweds settled back with some drinks. As the journey progressed Brystle noticed Burke seemed distracted. 03-17-19_5-48-22 PM03-17-19_5-51-10 PM03-17-19_5-54-16 PM

Brystle sipped at her drink. There was very little she knew about Texas other than that she and Burke had parted quite bitterly. It appeared Texas had been having multiple affairs whilst Burke concentrated on building WindenburgSimmington. When he had found out he threw her out of the mansion and also out of their children’s lives. Asking Burke to elaborate on the details usually resulted in him shutting down but Brystle continued anyway. 03-17-19_5-54-37 PM03-17-19_5-52-51 PM

Burke got up and moved over to the other side of the plane. Brystle knew she had hit a raw nerve. She got up and joined her husband on the sofa. Burke smiled at his new bride. 03-17-19_6-00-30 PM03-17-19_6-00-35 PM

Burke was sure that Brystle could and the two smiled at one another before moving together in a passionate embrace and smooch.03-17-19_6-01-04 PM

Whatever trouble lay in store for them it was several hours away. For now the newlyweds had better ways of spending those hours together other than talking about the first Mrs Simmington….

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

Malaudia had now been home for a little over 3 weeks following her prolonged stay in the Windenburg State Simitarium for Clinically Erratic Sims. She had been released under the guidance of  her psymchiatrist Dr Mick Broscanni who would continue to monitor her progress with weekly home visits and today was the day of the visit.

Dr Broscanni and Malaudia sat facing one another in the living room and Mick knew Malaudia seemed distant and withdrawn. He pressed her to talk about it.


03-22-19_2-58-58 PM03-22-19_2-56-44 PM03-22-19_2-53-02 PM03-22-19_2-57-58 PM03-22-19_2-56-51 PM

Malaudia sighed. For the past few therapy sessions she hadn’t been open and honest about she was really feeling. Now was the time to say what was on her mind. 03-22-19_3-01-11 PM03-22-19_3-01-06 PM03-22-19_3-01-02 PM

Dr Broscanni was concerned at Malaudia’s outpouring. He had not seen her like this since her first admittance to his simitarium. If he didn’t get her back on her feet there was a danger she could slip further. Why hadn’t her husband noticed this?


03-22-19_2-54-12 PM03-22-19_2-58-32 PM

And there it was. Mick had been hoping he wouldn’t hear this but now Malaudia was talking about voices in her head. This was not a good sign.03-22-19_2-58-07 PM03-22-19_2-53-35 PM

Mick was relieved to hear this. Before when Malaudia was at her most erratic she’d imagined she was receiving mysterious phonecalls from a gravel voiced demon called Pasimzu who made threats to her and instructed her to do crazy things. 03-22-19_2-52-35 PM

They continued their session for the next hour and made good progress. Mick left with instructions for Malaudia to aid her mental wellbeing – to redecorate the house, to go away for the weekend with just Mayhew and Mimsy (no Mother Drysdale) and to find herself a job.

All of this seemed perfectly reasonable to Malaudia and she agreed to achieve all of this by their next session together. She thanked Dr. Broscanni and waved him off from the front door. As she closed the door she heard a sound coming from the kitchen. It was a sound she had not heard in a very long time. And it was something she could not believe she was hearing….

It was the sound of a ringing phone….03-22-19_3-15-16 PM

Malaudia slowly made her way to the counter top staring at the ringing phone in disbelief. Where had it come from? And who was calling? 03-22-19_3-19-04 PM

With a trembling hand Malaudia reached for the phone…..

Unbeknownst to Malaudia, Mother Drysdale was quietly hiding in her bedroom. She had convinced Malaudia that she would be out for the day touring the local flea markets to see if she could add to her collection of knock-off Fabergé Eggs. She had been listening in on the therapy session, just as she had on every other session, and had decided that the time was right to push her fragile daughter-in-law over the edge. And so as Malaudia picked up the phone Mother Drysdale put on her deepest gravel voice and began….

03-22-19_4-24-54 PM03-22-19_3-09-48 PM

03-22-19_4-24-37 PM03-22-19_3-12-16 PM03-22-19_3-17-52 PM03-22-19_3-11-07 PM03-22-19_3-19-53 PM

Malaudia dropped the phone to the floor and it smashed into pieces. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Her worst fears had come true….03-22-19_3-21-32 PM

And as she screamed in terror Mother Drysdale could barely contain her laughter….

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM

Fathom was going for a mid morning jog around the mansion grounds when her mobile phone rang. She was going to ignore it but when she saw who the call was coming from she quickly pressed accept. 03-30-19_12-39-43 PM03-30-19_3-44-56 PM03-30-19_12-40-01 PM03-30-19_3-45-31 PM03-30-19_12-41-24 PM03-30-19_3-52-19 PM03-30-19_12-38-57 PM

And with a quick change of clothes Fathom was heading out the front door of Siloli mansion. Her father’s chauffeur, Michael Constrain, was by the stretch limo. 03-30-19_12-53-17 PM

Michael smiled as Fathom approached him. He hadn’t seen or spent anytime with her in recent months. 03-30-19_12-54-39 PM03-30-19_12-54-31 PM03-30-19_12-54-59 PM

Fathom rolled her eyes. It was true that once or twice she had woohooed with Michael. She had done it in secret both times when she had wanted to get back at her father for something. Burke would be livid if he knew his daughter was sleeping with the chauffeur and would no doubt fire Michael on the spot. Playing with people’s lives gave Fathom no cause for concern as long as she got her way. 03-30-19_12-58-32 PM03-30-19_12-58-21 PM03-30-19_12-57-22 PM03-30-19_12-56-51 PM

Michael opened the car door for her and Fathom got in. He closed the door and got in and drove in silence all the way to Falcon SimCrest, the home of Cyril Dolby. 03-03-19_5-43-10 PM

Fathom retouched her lipstick before getting out of the limo. She ordered Michael to wait outside for her before strutting into the mansion. Cyril was pouring a drink in his study as she arrived. 03-30-19_1-35-38 PM03-30-19_1-35-53 PM

Fathom took off her sunglasses. This was the last thing she had expected to hear from Cyril. Why was he asking her about her mother? 03-30-19_1-37-03 PM

Fathom turned away from Cyril. She was disappointed this was all he had wanted to see her about and she did not want him to see that. 03-30-19_1-40-59 PM03-30-19_1-41-44 PM03-30-19_1-42-09 PM

Fathom couldn’t believe what Cyril was saying to her or how he was behaving towards her. Didn’t he realise that she was in love with him? Hadn’t she made that clear enough to him? Fathom marched into the conservatory after him, her disappointment turning to anger. How dare he imply she was very much like her mother. 03-30-19_1-43-08 PM03-30-19_1-42-58 PM (2) (1)

With that Fathom stormed out of the mansion. Michael was waiting for her outside and could see from her face that she was not happy. He didn’t say anything as she got in the car and he drove away.

03-30-19_1-11-18 PM

After ten minutes of driving in silence Michael made a sudden stop. It was a place where they had come to before to make out. He got out of the car and then opened the rear passenger door and Fathom stepped out. She looked around and realised where Michael had brought her to. 03-30-19_1-13-28 PM03-30-19_1-22-33 PM03-30-19_1-22-49 PM

03-30-19_1-27-43 PM03-30-19_1-21-29 PM

03-30-19_1-21-46 PM03-30-19_1-18-43 PM03-30-19_1-19-04 PM

Michael moved forward and gave Fathom a lingering smooch.03-30-19_1-26-32 PM

Michael stepped back for he was not sure what Fathom would do next. However she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the nearest bush and there commenced a session of frantic shrubbery woohoo. 03-30-19_1-28-31 PM03-30-19_1-29-39 PM

When they were finished a gasping Michael poked his head out to make sure the coast was clear. 03-30-19_1-31-57 PM03-30-19_1-31-33 PM

01-08-19_10-08-38 PM (1)

Across town Heathen was working at WindenburgSimmington. He’d been there for a few weeks now and whilst it was not his dream career he was making the effort to learn about his father’s business. He worked with the PR team in creating marketing campaigns for the company as well as doing online and magazine articles featuring his father.

Heathen was in his father’s office and had decided to spend the day there as he composed an article for men’s lifestyle magazine SQ regarding his father. The phone buzzed and it was Marsha his father’s secretary who informed Heathen that Fred had arrived to visit him. Beaming happily Heathen asked for Fred to be sent in. 04-04-19_2-14-28 PM04-04-19_2-14-16 PM

Fred looked around the large office in awe. He had never seen been to WindenburgSimmington headquarters before.

04-04-19_2-14-57 PM04-04-19_2-17-12 PM04-04-19_2-16-35 PM04-04-19_2-17-30 PM04-04-19_2-17-22 PM

Fred followed Heathen over to Burke’s desk and Heathen motioned for him to sit in his father’s chair. Fred settled into the luxurious leather chair. 04-04-19_2-22-37 PM04-04-19_2-24-22 PM04-04-19_2-23-09 PM

They both giggled at their flirtatious banter. The thought of having woohoo right here in the office was very tempting for them both but was very risky. Fred looked around the office and wondered what the room next to the desk was. 04-04-19_2-20-28 PM04-04-19_2-22-07 PM04-04-19_2-26-38 PM

So with Heathen gone for a poop Fred looked around for something to do. He caught sight of the files sat on the desk. 04-04-19_2-27-52 PM04-04-19_2-29-00 PM04-04-19_2-31-31 PM

Just then the doors opened and WindenburgSimmington lawyer Andre Wayward walked in. He had been overseeing the running of the company in Burke’s absence and was surprised to see Fred sat behind Burke’s desk. Fred quickly scurried out from where he was just as Heathen emerged from having his poop in the bathroom.

Heathen looked from Fred to Andre and could sense some hostility from the lawyer and some unease from his lover and immediately tried to intervene. 04-04-19_2-32-39 PM04-04-19_2-33-35 PM04-04-19_2-33-03 PM04-04-19_2-33-09 PM

Fred didn’t want to cause a scene. He knew that Heathen would not back down from Andre so he stepped forward and decided to leave. 04-04-19_2-37-12 PM04-04-19_2-37-43 PM04-04-19_2-36-19 PM04-04-19_2-37-31 PM

Andre and Fred stared at one another for a moment before Fred left the office. 04-04-19_2-38-18 PM04-04-19_2-38-47 PM04-04-19_2-39-22 PM04-04-19_2-39-28 PM04-04-19_2-39-46 PM

Andre smiled and shook his head. He took a seat and put his briefcase on the table.04-04-19_2-41-00 PM04-04-19_2-41-34 PM04-04-19_2-41-47 PM04-04-19_2-41-59 PM04-04-19_2-43-37 PM04-04-19_2-43-02 PM

Heathen got up from the table and walked out of the office. Andre still felt the need to inform him that he was making a mistake. 04-04-19_2-44-12 PM04-04-19_2-44-34 PM

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

Mayhew had finished work for the day and had just returned home. He took off his tie as he walked through the door. He hated wearing them but his job as executive salesman with WindenburgSimmington required him to meet many clients and thus he had to be smartly dressed at all times.

He walked into the living room and saw Malaudia looking out of the window into the back yard. 04-04-19_6-09-22 PM

There was no response from his wife. Mayhew walked closer to her. He could see she was fixed on watching Mimsy swim in the backyard pool…and on his mother who was sat in the yard supervising her grand-daughter. 04-04-19_6-10-36 PM

Malaudia turned and looked at her husband. When she spoke it was with a calm firmness. 04-04-19_6-11-08 PM04-04-19_6-11-18 PM04-04-19_6-11-34 PM04-04-19_6-11-42 PM04-04-19_6-13-10 PM04-04-19_6-12-51 PM04-04-19_6-13-37 PM04-04-19_6-14-11 PM

Malaudia sat down beside her husband. She knew this would be difficult for him to hear. But after her session with Dr Broscanni and then the phonecall she had …imagined…Malaudia knew she had to take a firm stand before she started to relapse into wild erratic behaviour. 04-04-19_6-15-21 PM04-04-19_6-17-04 PM04-04-19_6-28-27 PM04-04-19_6-29-11 PM

Malaudia sighed with relief. They both stood up and faced one another. 04-04-19_6-29-44 PM04-04-19_6-32-11 PM

Malaudia felt like she was truly reconnecting with her husband again and for Mayhew he was starting to remember how much he did love his wife. Thoughts of Brystle were, however, never far from his mind….

Malaudia turned her gaze out of the window and onto Mother Drysdale and for the first time she felt like she was getting the upper hand over her mother-in-law. 04-04-19_6-32-54 PM

Mother Drysdale sat outside. She may have been looking at her grand-daughter merrily splashing around in the swimming pool but she was far from paying attention. Mother Drysdale liked to keep one step ahead and as such she had turned up the setting on her hearing aid to 10. On that setting she could hear an ant fart in Oasis Springs. 04-04-19_6-34-01 PM

04-04-19_11-16-11 AM

Rainclouds were gathering and a storm was brewing. The sea was dark, the black waters lapping around the jetty as the wind began to pick up. Fred arrived at the harbour crab house and walked in. He wasn’t familiar with the place but he had picked it out as it was far enough away from Windenburg so as not to bump into anyone he knew. And even thought the weather was not great Fred kept on his sunglasses just in case he did get recognised…

Fred looked around the shack and spotted the person he was here to meet sat in a corner booth. He made his way over.04-04-19_11-26-05 AM04-04-19_11-27-06 AM04-04-19_11-27-45 AM

Fred looked across the table at the person he had come to meet and spoke first. 04-04-19_11-28-09 AM04-04-19_11-28-31 AM

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM

Back in Windenburg the weather was a lot sunnier. Fathom had just arrived back at Siloli mansion. As Michael drove the limo up the driveway they spotted a stretch white limo parked outside the front door. Several men were carrying a load of suitcases and boxes from the car into the house. It must be father and Brystle back from honeymoon thought Fathom.

After Michael parked the car he opened the door for Fathom and she stepped out. He gently grabbed her arm to stop her from going straight into the house.03-30-19_1-00-00 PM03-30-19_1-00-11 PM03-30-19_1-00-44 PM04-04-19_9-12-39 PM04-04-19_9-14-21 PM04-04-19_9-17-26 PM

Michael felt quite happy for he believed that there was still hope that Fathom would one day realise he was the man for her. Fathom however had more pressing matters to deal with and had already forgotten about Michael as she stepped into the hallway. There she was greeted by major-domo Joseph Flanders. 04-04-19_9-29-17 PM04-04-19_9-32-57 PM

Fathom couldn’t believe the nerve of her mother letting herself back into the house and venturing upstairs too! Texas seemed to delight in seeing her daughter flare up in anger and as she merrily sashayed down the stairs she had further words for her daughter. 04-04-19_9-34-15 PM04-04-19_9-34-54 PM

Back at The Rusty Anchor, Fred was still having his secret meeting with Cyril…04-04-19_11-28-52 AM04-04-19_11-35-50 AM04-04-19_11-33-02 AM04-04-19_11-32-49 AM04-04-19_11-34-52 AM04-04-19_11-35-29 AM04-04-19_11-36-47 AM

Fred sat back and considered his next move. Cyril remained perfectly still staring at him. Eventually Fred relented. From his man bag he produced a thick document file. He placed it on the table. 04-04-19_11-38-58 AM04-04-19_11-31-55 AM04-04-19_11-38-50 AM04-04-19_11-40-08 AM

Cyril quickly flicked through the document and his eyes seemed to light up. He quickly closed the file and stood up holding the document close. 04-04-19_11-41-11 AM04-04-19_11-42-03 AM04-04-19_11-43-26 AM

Fred watched as Cyril left the crab house. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He’s been hired by Cyril to do a job, that was to get Heathen Simmington working for Burke. Then he was to gather information on WindenburgSimmington that Cyril could use to the advantage of DolbyDoh. Fred felt he had done that also. Now Cyril was extending and altering their agreement. Just what was he planning next? 04-04-19_11-31-06 AM (1)

Outside Cyril took another sneaky look through the dossier Fred had given him and then chuckled to himself. 04-04-19_11-44-37 AM

11-18-16_12-49-39 PM (1)

Fathom followed her mother into the solarium situated just off the hallway. Texas was swanning around like she owned the place and Fathom was not prepared to stand for it. 04-04-19_9-37-55 PM04-04-19_9-37-14 PM04-04-19_9-37-44 PM

Joseph stood in the doorway unsure on what to do next. It was then the front door opened. He turned around to see Burke and Brystle arrive home. He quickly made his way towards them. 04-04-19_9-40-18 PM04-04-19_9-40-33 PM04-04-19_9-40-47 PM

Burke was livid! He marched straight towards Texas with a fretful Brystle hurrying after her husband. Texas stepped out of the solarium to meet him halfway. 04-04-19_9-42-23 PM04-04-19_9-42-39 PM04-04-19_9-51-05 PM04-04-19_9-41-42 PM04-04-19_9-43-58 PM

The horror of what Texas was saying quickly dawned on Burke and he sat down before his legs gave way from under him. How could this of happened? Why hadn’t his been taking care of? Burke knew Texas was correct and right now she had the upper hand. 04-04-19_9-48-12 PM04-04-19_9-45-18 PM

Fathom opened her mouth in shock but could not find any words to say. Brystle was full of concern for the rising anger in her husband. Burke exploded in anger at his former wife. 04-04-19_9-46-46 PM

But Texas merely smiled at the chaos she was causing. Seeing that she had achieved the maximum disruption she’d wanted to achieve she sauntered across the hallway towards the front door. 04-04-19_9-52-07 PM (1)

Burke, Brystle and Fathom watched in stunned silence as Texas left the house. Burke quickly reached for his phone and got dialling. There had to be a way to fix this. Surely Texas couldn’t just decide to move in? That title deed had to be void following their divorce…hadn’t it? 04-04-19_9-51-48 PM (1)

Meet the characters – Texas Simmington

Making her appearance at the end of episode 5 of simastylogo6is the ex-wife of Burke, and mother of Fathom and Heathen, the one and only Texas Simmington. Marrying at an early age to Burke, Texas was very much in love with her entrepreneur husband as he was with her. They had been introduced to one another through Burke’s,then best friend, and business partner, Cyril texas2Dolby and his then wife Skankie. Initially the attraction between both Burke and Texas was electric. Both were eager to progress and be successful in life and had the hunger and drive to do so. The first couple of years of their marriage was successful but when Burke became focused on growing his business to be the best in the world it meant long trips away from home and Texas soon began to feel abandoned. Inevitably she turned her attentions to the many male admirers she had and began her countless affairs behind her husband’s back.

Texas loved her children she had with Burke very much but she always wanted more from her life than to be the trophy wife of a successful businessman. She tried making a name for herself in the arts world by studying painting but she soon bored of that. What she wanted was power and to be a successful business woman in her own right. And when her husband’s business rival Cyril started to woo her behind Burke’s back she flung herself full on into the affair partly out of loneliness but more so out of how it could be advantageous for herself. However it wasn’t to be as Burke returned early from one of his frequent long business travels only to find his wife in bed with his rival. From that point Cyril became Burke’s nemesis and he threw Texas out of their mansion.

Texas was publicly humiliated by the scandal of the affair. The upper circles of society that she was used to frequenting in were supportive of hard working Burke and turned their backs on Texas. Even Cyril stopped seeing her as he tried to save his own marriage. With no friends, home or money Texas reluctantly accepted the proposal from Burke – that he would pay her a large sum of money in instalments over several years as long she divorced him, left Windenburg and never had contact with him or their children again. And so Texas left and stayed away for many years. She has spent the time away traveling the globe indulging in many illicit affairs but more importantly learning a lot on how to perfect her ruthlessness.    

Upon reading in the gossip columns of society magazines that her ex-husband was to marry his former secretary Texas decided at that point to return to Windenburg and settle a few scores. She wants her revenge on Burke and everyone else who turned their backs on her and will stop at nothing until she gets it.


Name : Texas Simmington, née Purell .

Age: A lady never reveals her age! But we know she is an adult Sim.

Career : None at present but she is a woman of many hidden talents.

Traits : Ambitious , Art Lover , Materialistic, Evil.

Skills : Mischief , Painting, Charisma,

Aspiration : Fabulously Wealthy



Cyril’s mansion Falcon Simcrest

Featured in Episode 6 is the home of Cyril Dolby. This is the first time we get to see the home of the business rival of Burke Simmington and I struggled to come up with a suitable home for Cyril. I looked at some of the pre-existing homes already in game and whilst they are ok they just didn’t have the right pizazz for me. 

It was then that I spotted on Twitter a creation that I knew would be an absolutely perfect fit for the world of Simasty. This home was from another glitzy soap opera of the 1980’s Falcon Crest. It had been faithfully created by Simmer Simprehend and he was kind enough to allow me to use his build.


I altered the name of the lot to Falcon Simcrest in keeping with the Sims name that I like to incorporate into the Simasty storyline.

Many thanks to Simprehend for allowing me to feature your lot.

You can find this lot Falcon Crest in the gallery under ID Simprehend.